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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: Managing an ivy repository and resolving dependencies
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2009 07:06:27 GMT
Todd Greenwood-Geer wrote:
> =============================================
> Q2: How do I resolve this dependency problem?
> =============================================
> The resource is at this url:
> However, the resource does not match the sha1 calculated for it.
> =============================================
> Q3: What does should a member of the maven/ivy community do, in the
> case of mismatched sha1/md5 values?
> =============================================
> Where do we report such problems? Presumably, someone either this is
> an administrative mistake, or the file has been compromised. In either
> case, where does it get reported, and who takes care of this?
Hello Todd,

requests concerning the public maven repository are entered at this
location :

There is also a discussion list

and this web page should
be one of the references.

> =============================================
> Q4: Assuming that I can simply download the files I need for my local
> repository directly from the web, what steps are necessary in order to
> populate my local repository?
> =============================================
> For example, is there a publish task that will take a given resource
> (jar) generate the sha1, and then copy it into my repository ? I have
> tried simply copying the files to the directory I suspect they should
> go to, but when I run ivy to resolve dependencies for my repo, they
> are ignored.
Yes, there is an ivy publish task. My project is using ivy a lot, and we
are creating our own ivy descriptors for all third party jars that we
use. In fact, usage scenarios vary from project to project, the precise
list of jars that you want to use when using a particular third party
can change across time ... there are lots of reasons to maintain one's
own project repository. It takes time to create one's ivy xml files, but
when it is well done it saves time.


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