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From Alan Chaney <>
Subject Re: Building a "filesystem" repository by hand?
Date Fri, 03 Apr 2009 15:15:47 GMT
Hi Gilles

A "minimal" ivy repository is two files - an ivy.xml file describing an 
artifact and the artifact itself. You then need to make sure that the 
folder layout corresponds to the ivy patterns that you are using with 
that repository. The default for organisation = org.myproject and module 
= 'mymod' with a jar
at version 0.1.2 would be:

<repostiory base> (as declared in the filesystem resolver)

If you have something like this and you are getting errors, you need to 
check the ivy patterns that you are using. The MD5 and SHA1 checksums 
are I believe required by default but you can select one, both or 
neither by appropriate settings in the ivy properties files.

I've recently built a large enterprise repository by using ant tasks to 
install from maven and/or copy over jars and hand-edited ivy files from 
the local filing system. Its a bit tedious (in fact, I'm working on 
automating the whole thing) but it works.



Gilles Sadowski wrote:
> Hi.
> How can one build a "filesystem" repository manually?
> I tried to create a directory structure and put jar files there, but
> "ivy:resolve" didn't seem to make any sense out of it (e.g. saying it
> couldn't find an artifact which was there...)
> Is there a manual explaining all the items required for creating a minimal
> but complete repository?
> Thanks,
> Gilles
> !DSPAM:49d6125929881264652389!

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