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From Alan Chaney <>
Subject Re: Are IVY Default Repositories Mandatory?
Date Wed, 01 Apr 2009 14:28:04 GMT
Hi Robert

I don' think that they are mandatory - its just that the recommended 3 
repository approach is what is pre-defined in the ivy settings in the 
ivy jar.

I found the documentation quite confusing over this, and had to 
experiment a lot, but I have separate repositories defined outside of 

Which repository you publish to or resolve from is entirely up to you. 
I've a set of repositories that I use for testing the dependency 
management and another one that I use for team work, and I select the 
set of repositories by having a master property which chooses which one 
to use.

Also, the default Ivy cache is in ${user.home}/.ivy2 - maybe that's what 
you are seeing (just a guess)


Alan Chaney

Buck, Robert wrote:
> Good morning,
> The documentation states:
> "This default settings mainly consist of 3 kind of repositories...
> First, several repositories uses the same root in your filesystem.
> Referenced as ${ivy.default.ivy.user.dir}, this is by default the
> directory .ivy2 in your user home."
> Is this to imply that the local, shared, and public repositories are
> mandatory?
> From my use it seems that local is mandatory since though I set up my
> own custom resolvers, caches, and repositories, I still get stuff in
> ${user.home}.
> Bob
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