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From "Jonathan Roberts" <>
Subject Best practice for unziping bundles
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2009 13:35:13 GMT

I'm trying to configure ivy/ant to unzip bundles when a new one is
downloaded.  I've got:
  	<ant-call target="unzip-dependency" prefix="zip"
        	  event="post-download-artifact" filter="type=zip AND

That works, when the file is downloaded the first time, but I'd like to
have a trigger that gives me a zip when it's copied from cache.  Also,
since the ivy settings is shared across several projects, if
unzip-dependency doesn't exist, the build fails.

Is there a way to have the <trigger> or <ant-call> task not run if the
task doesn't exist? Or maybe fail gracefully without killing the build?
Is there a way to have a trigger that fires with all the newly copied
zips (from cache, not just downloaded to cache)

What's the best practice on this?  Am I just going about it the wrong


Jon Roberts

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