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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: Ivyide and multiple dependent projects
Date Wed, 04 Mar 2009 22:29:26 GMT

Le 4 mars 09 à 18:39, Alan Chaney a écrit :

> Hi
> I'm using ivy2.0.0/ivyide2.0.0.beta/eclipse 3.4
> I have a number of projects which all contribute to a number of wars  
> (not all sub-projects are in every war.)
> I've been converting these to use ivyIde. I've been editing each  
> ivy.xml file for each project to specify the dependencies for that  
> project. It all works fine on a per project basis - that is, I can  
> right-click on the ivy.xml entry in the project menu and 'resolve'.
> However, if I clean and rebuild all the projects at once I get some  
> weird errors. It looks like ivyide is not recreating the classpath  
> on a 'per project' basis, but just for all the projects.

By "clean and rebuild" do you mean using the command "clean" in the  
"Project" menu ? The classpath should not be be affected by this kind  
of task.

Are your using some "resolve in workspace" feature in IvyDE ? Do you  
use some WTP enable project ? I don't know well how thoses features  
behave with classpath management and rebuilding.


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