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From <>
Subject AW: Seam does Ivy
Date Mon, 16 Mar 2009 05:47:57 GMT
> I don't know anything about Seam, but I was pleased to see this bit
> about it:

Seam is a framework for building JEE applications, which handles the
between different layers transparently.
You could inject EJBs directly into JSFs. With @In and @Out you could
also set and get
values into/from objects via dependency injection. Seam also introduces
a new 'conversation' 
scopes, from which some dialogs could benefit. It also adds with
"seam-gen" a generator for
'scaffolding' - generate the skelletons for business objects, then for
the controller ...

> "JBoss AS 5 and GlassFish support added to seam-gen"
> dToSeamgen#H-GrowingIvy
> > Seam projects are know for being pretty old school when it comes to
> > library management. All of the JAR files are just dumped 
> into the lib
> > directory and picked out from there as needed. This makes it very
> > difficult to share a seam-gen project because it's so large. I
> > explained how to use Ivy to manage the dependencies for a seam-gen
> > project in this entry. seam-gen now offers that configuration as an
> > extension. To enable it, you simply run the following seam-gen
> > target:
> > 
> > seam add-ivy
> > 
> > Right now, only RichFaces projects are supported, but supporting
> > ICEfaces projects is just a matter of making a couple of changes to
> > the dependencies.

Cool. Prominent user - project started by Gavin King on JBoss ...


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