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From Marc Logemann>
Subject Newbie: failed dependencies and local (team) repositories for non-open-source stuff
Date Wed, 11 Mar 2009 14:17:07 GMT

since a few hours i am trying out ivy and so far i am excited. I hate  
maven but i like dependency management, so ivy and ant is the way to go.
But two question arise:

Question 1)

I am trying to resolve spring-context dependency as defined in my  
ivy.xml file like this:

<dependency org="org.springframework" name="spring-context"  

which results in :

:: problems summary ::
		module not found: javax.ejb#ejb;3.0
	==== local: tried
	  -- artifact javax.ejb#ejb;3.0!ejb.jar:
	==== shared: tried
	  -- artifact javax.ejb#ejb;3.0!ejb.jar:
	==== public: tried
	  -- artifact javax.ejb#ejb;3.0!ejb.jar:
		[FAILED     ] javax.jms#jms;1.1!jms.jar:  (0ms)
	==== shared: tried
	==== public: tried
		[FAILED     ] com.bea.wlplatform#commonj-twm;1.1!commonj-twm.jar:   
	==== shared: tried
	==== public: tried
		::          UNRESOLVED DEPENDENCIES         ::
		:: javax.ejb#ejb;3.0: not found

		::              FAILED DOWNLOADS            ::
		:: ^ see resolution messages for details  ^ ::
		:: javax.jms#jms;1.1!jms.jar
		:: com.bea.wlplatform#commonj-twm;1.1!commonj-twm.jar

Now i wondering why such a common library has broken deps. Can it be  
that the default reposity that ivy uses (i think via default config  
inside ivy.jar) is kind of a mess? Should people define more than one  
repository to reduce changes that things like that happen?

Question 2)

I have some non-open source libraries which should be made available  
in a team or company repository. What to do exactly to achieve this?  
Have not found too much on this. (BTW i would love to buy an ivy book  
at some book store, but there is none isnt it?).

Thanks for some hints....

Marc Logemann

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