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From Alan Chaney <>
Subject ivy:resolve appears to ignore 'type'
Date Tue, 10 Mar 2009 23:52:05 GMT
I have a setup with a chain repository which has a repository for jar 
files used to build a set of war files (using a number of different 
permutations). I publish the jar files into one element of the chain and 
the war files into another. The war files are then made available via a 
company-wide repository.

It so happens that one of the war files has the same name as a jar file. 
As part of the build process for a JAR I resolve that jar in-line to get 
the most recent build number. However, for some reason, the resolver 
insists on returning the WAR file build number which happens to be 
wildly different from the jar file and not what I want at all.

I tried to set the type="jar" in the retrieve (as below) but it makes no 
difference. So then I looked a bit more closely and determined that 
maybe I should try a static resolve mode with a limit on the version 
number. But that doesn't work either! The resolve fails, and, sure 
enough, the next thing that happens is that the buildnumber task uses 

Is there a way of getting the buildnumber task to only consider 
particular artifacts? Of course, another way (apart from renaming the 
jar which would not be very convenient) is to create a different 
settings file which specifically points to the jar resolver, I suppose.

Maybe somebody has some other suggestions?

Here's an extract from my build.
    <target name="ivy-new-version" depends="configure">
        <!-- asks ivy for an available version number -->

       <!-- Use an in-line resolve of the jar file to see if its there. 
Set haltonfailure 'false' to allow the buildnumber task to happen
             when this is the first publish (ever) of this particular jar.

        <!-- get the build number from the resolved file

        <echo>Current version = ${ivy.revision}</echo>
        <echo>New revision ${}</echo>
        <echo> buildnumber = ${}</echo>


Alan Chaney

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