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From Alan Chaney <>
Subject Re: Ivyide and multiple dependent projects
Date Wed, 04 Mar 2009 23:07:21 GMT
Hi Nicolas

In answer to your questions see below

Nicolas Lalevée wrote:
> Le 4 mars 09 à 18:39, Alan Chaney a écrit :
>> Hi
>> I'm using ivy2.0.0/ivyide2.0.0.beta/eclipse 3.4
>> I have a number of projects which all contribute to a number of wars 
>> (not all sub-projects are in every war.)
>> I've been converting these to use ivyIde. I've been editing each 
>> ivy.xml file for each project to specify the dependencies for that 
>> project. It all works fine on a per project basis - that is, I can 
>> right-click on the ivy.xml entry in the project menu and 'resolve'.
>> However, if I clean and rebuild all the projects at once I get some 
>> weird errors. It looks like ivyide is not recreating the classpath on 
>> a 'per project' basis, but just for all the projects.
> By "clean and rebuild" do you mean using the command "clean" in the 
> "Project" menu ? The classpath should not be be affected by this kind 
> of task.
Yes I'm using the Project->Clean and then selecting 5 projects to clean 
at once. It cleans and then rebulds  the workspace. When that has 
completed there are errors in some projects which can then be removed by 
right-clicking on the ivy.xml[*] entry and selecting "Resolve" on each 
affected project.

> Are your using some "resolve in workspace" feature in IvyDE ? 
Not as far as I know - some of the projects are referenced by other 
projects (using the Projects tab in the "Configure Build Path" dialog)
> Do you use some WTP enable project ? I don't know well how thoses 
> features behave with classpath management and rebuilding.
Yes I am using WTP - BUT the projects in which the problem occurs are 
only 'Java' projects and only have the 'Java Nature' so there should be 
no WTP stuff in there. I've checked, and none of these projects have a 
.settings folder at the top level which is where WTP stores its 
configuration stuff.

As a general note it seems to me like the ivy cache is being cleared by 
the multiple project rebuild but for each project. I don't understand 
why. Maybe I'm doing something stupid in the ivy settings?

Hope that clarifies the problem.


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