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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: [ivyde] WorkspaceResolver
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2009 15:29:41 GMT
On mardi 24 mars 2009 20:17:11 Matt Benson wrote:
> Nicolas (or anybody, but practically, Nicolas):
>   I am trying to use the WorkspaceResolver in IvyDE 2.0.0beta1 to resolve
> project dependencies in Eclipse where the dependency is not found any any
> repo (yet, anyway).  I have selected "Resolve dependencies in workspace" in
> the global Ivy settings, as well as the project Ivy settings, yet I still
> see nothing in the log that would indicate the workspace resolver is being
> called into play.  I have NOT exported the Ivy library in the Java Build
> Path/Order and Export tab for my dependency project; it seems that doing so
> would not require any special work on the part of the IvyDE plugin, so I
> would think that I am not supposed to do that.  How can I know whether the
> workspace resolver is being used, and if not, why not?  :)

The worksapce resolver implemented in the beta1 is a sort of workaround. The 
process implemented is to launch a normal resolve. Then if some of the 
resolved dependency is mathing the organization name and module name of some 
project in your Eclipse workspace, then IvyDE will switch the resolved jar by 
the Eclipse project.
So if you don't have any build of your dependency, it cannot work because the 
first normal resolve will fail.

A more proper workspace resolver that will effectivelly consider the Eclipse 
workspace as an Ivy repository has been implemented in the trunk of IvyDE. So 
it will be able to resolve your project in Eclipse correctly.


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