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From Daniel Dekany <>
Subject Re: How to prevent "unknown resolver" errors?
Date Wed, 11 Mar 2009 16:03:00 GMT
Wednesday, March 11, 2009, 3:24:51 PM, Kirby Files wrote:

> Daniel Dekany wrote on 03/11/2009 10:13 AM:
>>> Then you can reference any of these settings:
>>> <ivy:resolve settingsRef="masergy.settings" ... />
>> Yeah, that's what I do too of course. And then come all the "unknown
>> resolver" messages... so I recon it's not really supported after all.
>> I mean, digging the archives it turns out it's like that in earlier
>> versions too, so it's not even a 2.0.0 bug.
> The other approach would be to describe what you're trying to do, and 
> perhaps folks on the list can help suggest how that can be 
> accomplished without multiple settings (chained resolvers, 
> returnFirst=true, handling artifact statuses and revisions, resolve 
> and conflict strategies, etc.).

To add a custom resolver, practically, you already need custom
settings, and if you work for multiple independent projects, you will
have multiple of them.

Anyway... explaining what I do leads the tread to become off-topic,
but OK, here it is: I use a trick to ensure that developers can work
off-line. The project build.xml maintains an own repository on the
developer's computer, that mirrors the actual remote repositories, and
everything in the project (Ant ivy:cachepath-s, IvyDE, etc.) uses only
that mirror repo (that's ivysettings.xml #1), hence preventing Ivy to
try to reach the Internet and thus possibly fail (yes, I know about
cache TTL and like; for starters, it has no effect when you have
snapshot/changing dependencies). It's like a corporate Ivy repo
"mirror", you know, the one that shields developers from public repo
outages and ISP problems and speeds up things in general, but as in
this open setting there is no corporate LAN, I build that mirror on
the developer's computer. To build that mirror, I need settings that
access the actual remote repos (that's ivysettings.xml #2). It's only
used when the mirror repo is built or updated, but that's just enough
to raise the "unknown repository" issue, even when the developer (and
the Bamboo server user, which of course uses the same building process
as the developers) is so lucky that (s)he only works in this single
project. Anyway, apart from the flood of errors messages it works fine
so far... but, well, this really should be addressed in the Ivy core.

> Thanks,
> ---
> Kirby Files
> Software Architect
> Masergy Communications

Best regards,
 Daniel Dekany

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