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From Sam Berlin <>
Subject Artifact Lock Failures
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2009 21:38:08 GMT
Hi All,

The artifact-lock strategy seems to be broken right now if an ivy
process is killed while a lock is held.  The lockfile is left around
and any subsequent attempt (in later ivy processes) fails, because the
lock will never be deleted.  The only way to continue is to delete the
cache or manually delete the lockfiles.

I'm not sure if simply adding 'file.deleteOnExit' will work.  The
javadoc says it doesn't run on abnormal termination, and has some
pretty strong warnings about not using it for file-locking.  Perhaps a
shutdown hook that deletes all in-use locks?  Will shutdown hooks be
run on abnormal termination?

I'd think the NIO Lock strategy is the only safe one if none of the
above workarounds (or other workarounds) can be used.


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