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From Daniel Dekany <>
Subject Re: Maintaining a shared repository
Date Mon, 16 Mar 2009 17:03:32 GMT
Monday, March 16, 2009, 3:58:07 PM, Jens Borrmann wrote:
> Hello,
> does anybody have an idea how to handle the following maintenace use case
> - or am I trying to do something terribly stupid...
> Replace version for a module with a artifact having a different name
> Our (file system based) repository contains a module orgName.moduleName
> with version 1.0.0. It is realized by artifact 
> orgName.moduleName_1.0.0.jar. Now we need to publish a fix to the 
> repository which has a different name, e.g. patch_1.0.0.jar. Is there a
> defined way to do this? I tried the following solutions:
> a) force=false and overwrite=false
> In this case an error is generated and the ivy.xml file in the repository
> is not changed (still points to orgName.moduleName_1.0.0.jar). But 
> patch_1.0.0.jar is still copied to the repository and left there as an
> orphan with no referring ivy.xml file.
> b) force=true and overwrite=true
> The ivy.xml file in the repository is changed. Therefore our patch is 
> used. But the original artifact file (and its checksums) are left as 
> orphans.
> Is there an automated way of getting rid of these orphans?

I believe that if the org, module and the *revision* remains the same,
then the artifact name shouldn't change either. So for releasing the
patched 1.0.0 either: (a) overwrite the original artifact or (b)
append something to the reversion, like it could become to
1.0.0-patch1 or something.

> Regards,
> Jens

Best regards,
 Daniel Dekany

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