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From Daniel Dekany <>
Subject Re: How to prevent "unknown resolver" errors?
Date Wed, 11 Mar 2009 14:13:28 GMT
Wednesday, March 11, 2009, 2:15:01 PM, Kirby Files wrote:

> Daniel Dekany wrote on 03/11/2009 08:04 AM:
>> Dies Ivy support using multiple ivysettings.xml-s under the same
>> user-account at all?

(I meant, "Does Ivy support"...)

>> I tried a workaround to prevent the "unknown resolver"-s (even if they
>> are not terminating, they flood the Bamboo error log), and it shed
>> light on something even more worrisome. But first to recap, the issue
>> is that I use multiple ivysettings.xml in the same user account (on
>> the same computer), so they seem to conflict in
>> ${user.home}/.ivy2/cache, causing tons of non-terminating "unknown
>> resolver" errors when switching between the ivysettings.xml-s. 
> Sure, use the ivy:settings task to load a particular settings before 
> you resolve. For example:
>    <target name="init-ivy" depends="load-ivy">
>      <ivy:settings id="local.settings"
>                    file="${settings.dir}/ivysettings-local.xml"
>                    />
>      <ivy:settings id="shared.settings"
>                    file="${settings.dir}/ivysettings-shared.xml"
>                    />
>      <ivy:settings id="masergy.settings"
>                    file="${settings.dir}/ivysettings-masrep.xml"
>                    />
>      </target>
> Then you can reference any of these settings:
> <ivy:resolve settingsRef="masergy.settings" ... />

Yeah, that's what I do too of course. And then come all the "unknown
resolver" messages... so I recon it's not really supported after all.
I mean, digging the archives it turns out it's like that in earlier
versions too, so it's not even a 2.0.0 bug.

> I don't have any insight into the problems you are describing. The 
> best thing for getting help on problems like that is to reduce it to 
> the smallest possible test case, and then post all configurations to 
> the list (ivysettings.xml, ivy.xml, build.xml...)

Oh, I'm pretty sure just everyone who ever used multiple
ivysettings.xml has met at least the "unknown resolver" error
messages, so did Xavier Hanin himself. Crafting a test case where they
don't occur would be harder. :) I just hope there is some hidden trick
that I miss... like a magical dontMessWithUserCache setting or
something. (Using an own cache for each ivysettings.xml is not 100%
solution either, as it still pollutes the common user cache if the
dependency is present there too, as I described in detail in an
earlier mail.)

Anyway, I guess there is no solution, so then I will fill a Jira issue
for this... with minimal test case, of course.

> Thanks,
> ---
> Kirby Files
> Software Architect
> Masergy Communications

Best regards,
 Daniel Dekany

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