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From Aaron Siri <>
Subject Re: Reused local revision?
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2009 20:25:10 GMT
Thanks for the response.  But this doesn't seem to solve my problem.

I'm producing an artifact foo.jar with a revision of "latest".  I'm
publishing this to local.  The first time another project that depends on
foo.jar looks for this dependency it grabs it via the "latest.integration"
rev and copies it to the project for usage.  However, when foo.jar is
republished with the same revision "latest" the other project doesn't think
anything has changed and doesn't appear to be recopying to my project.  I
tried using a latest strategy of "latest-time" and that didn't seem to work

Are you saying this situation works for you?  After all it is very likely
I'm messing something up :)


On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 11:49 PM, Shawn Castrianni <> wrote:

> Yes, this is the exact situation why I had the force option added to the
> filesystem resolver.  All of my resolving happens with a chain resolver
> which first references a local resolver with force="true" which stores
> modules in a local directory of the user's choice.  The second resolver in
> the chain is my main resolver that goes out to our netapp filer on the
> network where the official nightly builds are stored.  Then I have created
> an ANT target called publish.local that uses the local resolver for
> publishing.  It works beautifully and I thank Xavier for implementing it for
> me.  Here is an excerpt from my settings file:
>        <resolvers>
>                <filesystem name="published.local" force="true"
> cache="published.local.cache">
>                        <ivy
> pattern="${env.PUBLISH_LOCAL_ROOT}/[module]/[branch]/[revision]/[type]/[artifact](.[ext])"/>
>                        <artifact
> pattern="${env.PUBLISH_LOCAL_ROOT}/[module]/[branch]/[revision]/[type]/([home]/)([homeType]/)([path]/)[artifact](.[ext])"/>
>                </filesystem>
>                <filesystem name="published.repository"
> force="${published.force}">
>                        <ivy
> pattern="${ivy.published.root}/${published.repository.type}/${env.RELEASE_NAME}/[module]/[branch]/[revision]/[type]/[artifact](.[ext])"/>
>                        <artifact
> pattern="${ivy.published.root}/daily/${env.RELEASE_NAME}/[module]/[branch]/[revision]/[type]/([home]/)([homeType]/)([path]/)[artifact](.[ext])"/>
>                </filesystem>
>                <chain name="published.repository.chain">
>                        <resolver ref="published.local"/>
>                        <resolver ref="published.repository"/>
>                </chain>
>        </resolvers>
> ---
> Shawn Castrianni
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> Aaron Siri
> Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2009 11:11 AM
> To:
> Subject: Reused local revision?
> We have a set of interdependent projects using ivy.  Some of these projects
> produce artifacts to be used by other projects.  On a developer's machine
> we'd like to be able to build and do a local publish of an artifact using a
> reused "revision" (something like "local") that, when published locally,
> will be picked up by the other projects using latest.integration.  We want
> to do this so we don't litter the local repo with many "versioned" builds
> when all the developer really cares about is the most recent local build if
> there is one.
> Is there a good strategy for this situation?
> -Aaron
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