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From Kent Larsson <>
Subject Possible bug in Ivy 2.0.0? I get undeterministic behavior.
Date Sat, 28 Feb 2009 21:40:15 GMT

I'm using Ivy and was very happy about my experience with it, until
now. I hope that the problems I am experiencing are due to some error
on my behalf.

Here is my scenario:

1. I'm downloading Ivy 2.0.0 dynamically from just like in the
"Automatic" example from except
that I get 2.0.0 instead of 2.0.0-beta1.
2. I do not use any ivysettings.xml as I was happy with the default values.

When I retrieve my dependencies and synchronize them with my Ivy lib
dir I get unreliable behavior. The JAR-files I get are of different
sizes from time to time, and my project seldom compiles. It doesn't
happen to all my dependencies, just a few of them.

I attach a tarball ( using bzip2-compression ) with a BASH script I
created which reproduce the problem:
- Change working directory into ivy-problem and run
- It will retrieve the dependencies 15 times (easy to change) and record
    * The ant output for each iteration in stats/ant-output<N>.txt
    * The file names and sizes in the lib folder for each iteration in
    * The lib directory of each iteration in lib<N>
- It will check which find-ouput<N>.txt files that match each other
and which differs, that output will reside in stats/diffs-and-matches

Please investigate further, this is a really serious issue and if it
is a bug (I hope not) it's one that affects the users in the worst
possible way.

The ivy.xml and build.xml are from parts of a project I'm working on,
if there is anything I can do to get reliable behavior from Ivy right
away I'm very interested in knowing about it.

Best regards,

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