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From Alan Chaney <>
Subject 'provided' and javax.mail
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2009 18:51:11 GMT
I'm working on setting up a number of projects to use ivy 
2.0.0/ivyide.2.0.0beta and ant 1.7.1 eclipse ganymede. I am building my 
own 'enterprise repository'

I have several projects which require javax.mail. these projects are 
basically libraries for a couple of web apps, so typically I put 
javax.mail.jar in the tomcat/lib directory (for tc 6). When I'm 
compiling I setup a direct jar reference in eclipse.

I'd like to replace all of this with ivy so that when a transitive 
dependency on javax.mail occurs - eg in Spring I don't have to go and 
'exclude' it from the ivy.xml for the project.

I don't want each web app to actually pick up its own copy of 
javax.mail.jar (this leads to classpath problems.)
Some apps actually have test cases which send email messages as part of 
the test of my module. In this case the classpath for the tests needs to 
contain javax.mail.jar. What I have been doing up to now is just linking 
directly to the copy of the jar in the tomcat/lib folder.

So, to get this to work under Ivy it seems to me:

Spring dependencies need to know that javax.mail will be found
some test cases will need to actually included javax.mail.jar in their 
should I create a javax.mail ivy.xml file in my repository but NOT 
specify the jar? so it can be resolved the jar won't be downloaded?

What other options are there?

Thanks in advance

Alan Chaney

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