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From Michael Kebe <>
Subject mimicing provided scope from maven with ivy
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2009 13:56:09 GMT

Hi users,

imagine you have a library (struts), that needs another library
(servlet-api) during compile-time but not during runtime, because it is
already provided (e.g. from the webcontainer). There is a project
"myproject" where you specify struts as compile-time dependency (from the
ivy.xml of myproject):

<dependency org="apache" name="struts" rev="1.2.9" conf="compile->default"

The ivy.retrieve.pattern is "lib/[conf]/[artifact].[ext]". When retrieving
all the deps of myproject I would like to have struts (and other
dependencies like commons-beanutils) in "lib/compile" and "servlet-api" in

I have my own enterprise repository, so that I have full control over the
ivy.xml files. But how can I get the above behaviour? I don't want to write
in the ivy.xml of myproject that it needs the servlet-api in the provided
configuration, because I think this should be handled by ivy somehow. Maybe
I am just missing something.

Further I want to use another framework XX that is built on top of struts
and so itself has a compile-time dependency on struts. When retrieving the
deps of a project that has compile-time dependency on XX, I would like to
have XX and all other deps (struts, commons-beanutils) in "lib/compile" and
servlet-api in "lib/provided".

Thanks for any help!
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