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From Hans Dockter <>
Subject Transfer Listener
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2009 11:38:45 GMT
For Gradle, we try to implement download progress reporting. The way  
we do this now, is to add a TransferListener to each of the  

If the TransferListener receives the TRANSFER_STARTED event, we print  
something like: Starting to download <url>. For the succeeding  
TRANSFER_PROGRESS we print dots. All this works fine, except then when  
transitive dependencies are downloaded, we get more than one  
TRANSFER_STARTED event (It seems every resolver in the chain is  
sending one). This clutters obviously our output. I wouldn't like to  
add state to the listeners. I know that the  
DefaultRepositoryCacheManager works with a DownloadListener. But it  
can only have one and access to it is rather hidden.

Any idea how we can solve this problem without adding state to our  

- Hans

Hans Dockter
Gradle Project lead

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