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From Maarten Coene <>
Subject Re: IvyDE much much slower in 2.0 vs 1.x
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2009 20:09:04 GMT
The directory listing alone is not enough to determine the latest-release. It is possible that
your directory is empty, so we must check for it's existence.
For instance, maybe "/org/internal_project/2.2.54874/" exist, but this doesn't mean that "/org/internal_project/2.2.54874/ivy-2.2.54874.xml"
does exist.

But I agree we could improve this by not checking the versions that are not in the range of
your dynamic revision.
Could you open a JIRA issue for this?


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From: Eric Anderson <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 7, 2009 6:05:03 PM
Subject: Re: IvyDE much much slower in 2.0 vs 1.x

I've watched the network traffic, there are an unbelievably large number of HEAD requests
for every single xml file on our repo.

To some degree I think I could understand but in other cases no. We are using HTTP for our
repo, lets say I have a dependency on internal_project v2.2.+. I see head requests for /org/internal_project/

Now, since the thing gets a list of directories from apache, it should know right away to
not even bother looking at anything in a 0.9.+ directory, as clearly it won't match the version
2.2.+. Further I'm not sure I understand the reasoning behind making a head request for each
xml file. The existence of a particular version shouldn't matter unless ivy will try to use
it. Simply getting the directory listing should be enough information for ivy to determine
which the latest-release is.

I'll look into the DNS issue. We are doing this via VPN when from home.

-Eric Anderson

On 1/7/09 1:26 AM, "" <> wrote:

I have the same problem and have never resolved it.

My network topology is:  ME ON LOCAL LAN  - WAN - REMOTE LAN - INTERNET

My work around is to grab any dependencies from the internet and install
them to a repository internal to our network.

There is a thread from me on the subject in the mailing list somewhere.

I think it is to do with incorrectly configured DNS entries on Windows

Have a look at the thread here:

             Eric Anderson
  >                                                To
             06/01/2009 21:09          <>

             Please respond to                                     Subject
            ivy-user@ant.apac         IvyDE much much slower in 2.0 vs

I've recently switched our team to the latest version of the IvyDE plugin.
>From outside of our network, it used to take 5-10 minutes to resolve
against our repository. Now it takes upwards of an hour. Internally to our
network, it is still blazing fast.

I would love any help or knowledge anyone has regarding why this might be
and if there is anything we can do to improve the performance. Its nearly
impossible to get any work done from home.

Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson
Palantir Technologies | Engineering Team Lead | 520.440.3773

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