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From "Kent Larsson" <>
Subject Re: Clean way to differ between runtime and compile time dependencies? (So I do not include runtime deps in my war)
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2009 07:43:42 GMT
I'll answer inline as well:

>> For the publications part, I don't have a local repository to publish
>> anything. And the project isn't really a dependency of any other
>> company project. Also it's not dependent on any other project created
>> by our company. That's why I used Ivy only to retrieve the
>> dependencies, and I built the war myself and put it where it should
>> go. As I'm new to Ivy maybe there are some advantages of having
>> <publications> to a local repository in my situation I'm missing? Or
>> should I continue as I am doing it?
> You're right that there's a less compelling argument for publishing
> top-level artifacts like WARs to an Ivy repository. I'd be curious what
> rationales others out there have found for publishing EARs or WARs to their
> Ivy repository.

Yes me too!

>> When it comes to the Wicket dependency I'm not sure if I understood
>> you. It's a project not created by our company. We retrieve everything
>> from the Maven2 repositories. If you are suggestion that I should
>> change the pom.xml in the Maven2 repository then I can't as it's not
>> under my control. Please elaborate a bit, I might just misunderstand
>> you and there's something I can do to improve our build process.
> I'd been mistakenly assuming that the Wicket dependency was coming from your
> own enterprise repository, and so it was under your control. If you're
> getting the dependency directly from the public Maven repository, then you
> have no ivy.xml at that level to control. If you're not happy with the
> inline filtering you're doing (though it sounds like you are happy with
> that), you could always put just the Wicket dependency in your enterprise
> repository and give that repo precedence over the public Maven repo.

Yes at the moment at least I'm happy having it in there as I think
that my current Ivy.xml is quite easy to overview anyway. If I see
that things are getting to look messy later on I'll go the path of
having our own repository.

Thanks for helping me out Mitch! Have a nice week!

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