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From Brian Matzon <>
Subject sftp.keyFile must be absolute
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2009 10:15:13 GMT
I recently updated from beta 2 to rc2 and I was unable to run ivy 
because sftp.keyFile is now required to be absolute.

My problem with this is that the keyfile is NOT used at all unless 
you're publishing to a specific resolver.
This means that sftp.keyFile is not even a correct value. It is only set 
when doing publishing by passing in an option to ant.

in beta 2 I got the following warning:
[ivy:resolve] :: problems summary ::
[ivy:resolve] :::: WARNINGS
[ivy:resolve]   Pemfile ${ivy.internal-publish.keyfile} doesn't exist.

in rc2 I get the following Error.
impossible to configure ivy:settings with given file: ivysettings.xml :
java.text.ParseException: failed to load settings from ivysettings.xml:
problem in config file: failed to load settings from 
impossible to convert ${ivy.internal-publish.keyfile} to class for setting
keyFile on class org.apache.ivy.plugins.resolver.SFTPResolver: 
sftp.keyFile must be absolute: ${ivy.internal-publish.keyfile}

fwiw, it would be nice if SFTPResolver waited to initialize (and fail) 
until its actually used?

Brian Matzon

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