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From Yura Taras <>
Subject Transitive and non-transitive dependency on same module
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2009 09:20:40 GMT
Hi all

I wonder if described below is a bug or a feature :)
In module I want to have configuration which assembles two
dependencies on other module - one transitive, other not-transitive:
       <dependency org="my" name="other" conf="conf->test" transitive="false"/>
        <dependency org="my" name="other" conf="conf->runtime" />
I expect "conf" configuration to have all runtime dependencies and
other_test.jar only; but it contains test dependencies like JUnit too.
Looks like in case above both dependencies are treated as transitive.
Is this expected or should I open a bug?
I'm using Ivy 1.4.1. I know Ivy becomes ASF project only starting from
2, but I don't have time currently to test if same is reproducible in
2rc2. If needed, i'll send you results later, but IMO above info is
enough to reproduce.


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