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From Juha Ranta <>
Subject Listmodules kind of action with extra attributes
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2009 18:50:04 GMT

I've implemented a recursive promotion in my build system from continuous
integration builds to milestone versions. The ci builds are placed in a
shared repository and the milestone builds in a public repository. When a
module is promoted to the milestone status, the module gets a new revision
but I insert the original ci revision in the ivy.xml as an extra attribute. 

During the recursive promotion, it may happen that the ci build module that
I'm trying to promote has actually been already promoted. For instance, the
ci version 123ci of the module may promoted as milestone version 1.4. When
this happens, I'd naturally not want to promote the same ci version again,
but instead just use the milestone version. 

However, I'm not sure what is the best way to search the milestone versions
in the repository to see if one of them was that particular ci version. For
example,  I'd basically like to find if one of the milestone versions has
the extra attribute "cirev=123ci". It seems that I can't use extra
attributes in Ant tasks such as "listmodules" or "info" in any way. I even
tried to somehow retrieve ivy.xmls of a module but didn't find a way. It
doesn't matter if all the ivy.xmls need to be downloaded, since this is only
required during the promotion builds.

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