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From "Bagwell, Allen F" <>
Subject RE: Latest IvyDE fails to resolve dependencies under Eclipse 3.4
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2009 17:30:43 GMT

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From: Xavier Hanin [] 
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2009 10:03 AM
Subject: Re: Latest IvyDE fails to resolve dependencies under Eclipse 3.4

On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 4:58 PM, Bagwell, Allen F <>wrote:

> My team has been using IvyDE in Eclipse 3.3 for some time now with 
> IvyDE 2 alpha 1.
> Today I am trying to set up Eclipse 3.4, and upon installing the 
> latest IvyDE and attempting to open an IvyDE-equipped project I keep 
> getting the
> message:
> "Impossible to resolve dependencies of... Resolve project 'Arbit' and 
> ivy file 'ivy.xml' dependencies"
> then it gives me a list of unresolved dependencies... which is 
> basically everything.
> Specifically here is the error message...
> Impossible to resolve dependencies of arbit# 
> Arbiter;<Arbiter%3Bworking@cloudnine.sandi
>>  unresolved dependency:;${junit.version}: not 
> found  unresolved dependency: jboss#drools;${drools.version}: not 
> found  unresolved dependency: 
> apache#commons-cli;${commons-cli.version}: not found  unresolved 
> dependency: apache#log4j;${log4j.version}: not found  unresolved 
> dependency: synch#synch-time;${synch-time.version}: not found  
> unresolved dependency: msgs#msgdef;${msgdef.version}: not found
> And here is the dependencies section of my ivy file:
> <dependencies>
>        <dependency org="" name="junit" rev="${junit.version}" />
>        <dependency org="jboss" name="drools" rev="${drools.version}" />
>        <dependency org="apache" name="commons-cli"
> rev="${commons-cli.version}" />
>        <dependency org="apache" name="log4j" rev="${log4j.version}" />
>        <dependency org="synch" name="synch-time"
> rev="${synch-time.version}" conf="*"/>
>        <dependency org="msgs" name="msgdef" rev="${msgdef.version}" /> 
> </dependencies>
> This ivy file works under Eclipse 3.3 and IvyDE 2-alpha 1.
> Under Eclipse 3.4 and IvyDE 2-beta 1, the dependency error shows up.
> Running my ant resolve task from the command line in the project 
> directory ("ant resolve -v"), Ivy2.0 has absolutely no problems with the ivy.xml file.
> Any suggestions as to what is going wrong?

Are you sure your settings are the same? It seems Ivy can't find the properties value in IvyDE.



It's using the same .classpath entry for Eclipse that IvyDE 2.0-alpha1 and Ivy2.0-rc2 uses
in our older Eclipse 3.3 environment. Actually there, it looks like it says unresolved dependencies
too, but the ivy.xml[*] project reference shows up pointing to the correct dependencies that
have been transferred to the cache.  This doesn't work though in Eclipse 3.4... The ivy.xml[*]
reference is always missing from the project package view and I get a red X on the ivy.xml
file indicating an error but nothing flagged when I open it in the Ivy editor.

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