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From Tom Widmer <>
Subject TeamCity dependency tracking
Date Tue, 23 Dec 2008 09:50:09 GMT
Hi all,

I'm using a TeamCity build server as an Ivy repository for our build 
artifacts, and it works very well for the job except for tracking 
dependencies when using a varying build version, like 'latest.release'. 
To fix the problem, I need to be able to pass different log in 
credentials for the ivy.xml files to the artifacts. I have a resolver 
for the repo like this:

<url name="teamcity" latest="latest-time">


I have:

<credentials host="build" realm="TeamCity"

but obviously those credentials are used for both the ivy.xml files and 
the artifacts. Is there any way to specify different credentials for the 
ivy.xml files?


TeamCity has a cunning system of tracking dependencies between builds by 
providing build-specific TeamCity log in credentials to your ant build 
script in a couple of properties (though Hudson's system of 
fingerprinting is just as cunning, and would avoid the problem I'm 
having). Anything downloaded with those credentials during the build 
gets logged by TeamCity as a dependency of the build. I use this to have 
automatic tracking of any dependencies that Ivy downloads from TeamCity 
(the TeamCity UI allows you to navigate to dependency builds, prevent 
them being cleaned up automatically, etc.).

So, what's the problem? I recently added a nightly regression testing 
build that always builds against the latest build, using latest.release. 
Unfortunately, this causes the build to download the ivy.xml file from 
every single build that exists on the server in order to work out which 
is the latest. So the regression testing build appears to depend on 
every single build (though you can tell the real build by looking for 
the build where more than 1 artifact is a dependency).

I've made it workable by disabling dependency cleanup prevention for 
that build (so at least the regression test doesn't prevent automatic 
cleanup of old, unused builds), but it would still be nice to prevent 
every single ivy.xml file being listed as a dependency! Two possible fixes:

1. Persuade Ivy to download ivy.xml files only using standard 
credentials, so those downloads won't be tracked.
2. Persuade TeamCity to ignore downloads of ivy.xml files using the 
build tracking credentials.

I can't see a way to do 2, but does anyone know how to do 1?

Perhaps this is a feature request - some way to bind credentials to 
things other than just hosts.



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