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Subject What configurations are selected when no configuration mapping is set in ivy.xml
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2008 13:47:00 GMT
In the Ivy documentation (reference page for the "dependency" tag), it is
mentioned that when no defaultconfigmapping nor conf attribute is specified,
the ivy interpretation will be "*->*".
Should I really interprete both asterisks as wildcards ? Or is it more a "*->#"
dependency ? I ask this, because I was more expecting the latter mapping as
default behaviour.

For example suppose I have modA which has a dependency upon modB. modA has two
configurations conf1 and conf2, and modB has three configurations conf1, conf2
and conf3.
From what I understand from the doc, Ivy will retrieve than by default both
conf1, conf2 and conf3 of modB ?


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