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From Maarten Coene <>
Subject Re: buildnumber Ant task ignoring prefix attribute
Date Sun, 23 Nov 2008 22:54:50 GMT
Seems like a bug to me.
I did a quick look at the buildnumber Ant task source-code and didn't see the problem, so
please create a JIRA ticket including your build.xml and Ant console output illustrating the


----- Original Message ----
From: Mitch Gitman <>
Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2008 12:23:08 AM
Subject: buildnumber Ant task ignoring prefix attribute

Please forgive the prolific posting lately. I'm setting the prefix attribute
on the *buildnumber *Ant task:
    <ivy:buildnumber organisation="${ivy.organisation}"
      default="${ivy.default.revision}" *prefix="repo" */>

But when I go to manually output the properties that are set, I see:
     [echo] ivy:buildnumber output:
     [echo] ivy.revision=1.1
     [echo] repo.revision=${repo.revision}

You see that the default ivy.revision property gets set; the
repo.revision property
does not.

Here's what the buildnumber
to say about the prefix
"the prefix to use for the property names set (will be *prefix*.revision, *
prefix*.new.revision, ...)"

Am I missing something or is this a bug?


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