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From Jim White <>
Subject Re: Ivy and Common Lisp repositories
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2008 06:48:28 GMT
Howdy Ben!

Ivy can be used to get any kind of file.  As Jan says, you can create a 
resolver (or perhaps configure an existing one) to work with those LISP 
repositories.  To see an even simpler scheme, you can check out IFCX 
Wings in which I use Ivy to just fetch & cache given a URL (I use a 
santizied version of the URL as the module name) because I've been too 
lazy to arrange for my stuff to go into a public repo.  Wings even 
includes some LISP (after a fashion; I use Ivy to download the language 


Benjamin Bittner wrote:

> Hello everybody!
> (I'm sorry if this message appears twice on the mailing list, I tried  
> to send it before
> but apparently doesn't show up on the list.)
> I'm currently working on a project that involves both Java and Lisp  code.
> The build system we use is Ant.
> Currently, the project depends on three libraries: asm-all, junit,  
> commons-io.
> The project itself is pretty monolithic and doesn't have internal module
> dependencies (beside source files that have to be compiled in a  precise 
> order).
> I am researching whether we should use a dependency manager.
> Ivy, integrating very well with Ant, seems an obvious choice. But it  
> really seems
> that ibiblio and the maven2 repositories only provide Java libraries.  
> It would
> be interesting for my project to resolve Lisp dependencies.
> Can you confirm that Ivy can only handle Java dependencies? Would it  be 
> too
> much work to personalize Ivy to work with Lisp repositories such as  the 
> following?
> Thank you so much for your help!
> Ben

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