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From Jonathan Oulds <>
Subject Re: buildnumber Ant task & automated updates of ivy.xml
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2008 16:28:38 GMT
I too have been playing with this.  Currently I have an ivy file (see 
below) that is configured and delivered during the publish task.

<ivy-module version="2.0">
   <info organisation="org.example"
     <artifact name="FooBar" type="Library" ext="lib"/>
     <dependency name="Foo" rev="latest.integration"/>
     <dependency name="Bar" rev="latest.integration"/>

Her is the publish task that will automatically add the correct build 
number.  ${ivy.organisation} and ${ivy.module} are both set during the 
resolve stage.

<target name="publish" depends="resolve">
   <ivy:buildnumber organisation="${ivy.organisation}"


Mitch Gitman wrote:
> There's one Ivy Ant task that had been flying under my radar, the
> buildnumber <>task.
> It seems to me that the natural use for the *buildnumber *task is during a
> build invoked by continuous integration. A CI-invoked Ant target would go
> into an ivy.xml file and update the /ivy-module/info@revision attribute with
> the property value obtained from *buildnumber*. This could
> come into play when, under "Dealing with integration versions" on the the Ivy
> Best Practices page<>,
> you take the "create automatically a new version for each" approach.
> I'd be interested in hearing what other uses folks have found for the
> *buildnumber
> *task.
> Also (and actually this has nothing particularly to do with *buildnumber*),
> I'd be interested in hearing what mechanisms folks are doing for doing an
> automated update of ivy.xml files. Besides the
> /ivy-module/info@revision attribute,
> there's the /ivy-module/dependencies/dependency@rev attribute, which also
> can be a good candidate for automated updates in certain situations.
> I can think of two ways of automatically updating the content of an ivy.xml
> file:
>    - Use regular expressions. Advantage: everything's right there in the
>    build.xml. Disadvantage: regular expressions. Yuck!
>    - Manipulate the XML programmatically, such as by binding Java objects to
>    the XML schema. This has the disadvantage of requiring Java code (and
>    possibly an additional library not already in the classpath), so you'd have
>    to create a separate Ant task or Java executable.
> Or is there some other mechanism already out there in some Ant task (Ivy or
> non-Ivy) that I'm missing, like I'd missed the *buildnumber *task for a
> while?

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