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From Andy Piper <>
Subject Minor useability bugs in 2.0rc2
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2008 08:55:57 GMT
1. Additional attributes for post-resolve tasks are not obviously 
documented in retrieve, cachepath etc. I can understand not wanting to 
repeat the post-resolve documentation, but even having a link to them in 
the table would help things be a bit clearer IMO.

2. when using log="quiet" on cachepath and resolve the initial
resolution is done quietly but transitive dependencies appear to then be
resolved ignoring the log setting.

3. I think the comment about not using cachepaths should be removed. 
Once you have started using ivy its pretty difficult to remove and 
cachepaths allow you to optimize your time and space usage.

4. I wish, oh how I wish that dependency declarations used the same 
attributes as post-resolve tasks, i.e. org or organisation, but not 
both, rev or revision etc. I find this the single biggest confusing
part of ivy. I prefer the shorter names, but them just being the same 
would be a huge win.

5. The <publications/> trick should be augmented with some obvious 
attribute, like <info virtual-module="true"/> or something. Its a really 
useful feature but hugely difficult to figure out how to achieve.

rc2 is working pretty well for me.



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