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From Benjamin Damm <>
Subject Speeding up ivy:resolve
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2008 18:36:23 GMT

  Does anyone have or would anyone be interested in a caching facade to speed 
up ivy:resolve?  I have a case where my project has about 100 modules in a 
few different configurations and it is taking a little longer to do the 
resolve than I can stand.  I'm concerned about what will happen when I 
introduce NFS into the mix.  For these reasons I'm considering what options I 
may have for caching the ivy:resolve (if this is possible) by perhaps storing 
structures to disk in a file that can be updated (perhaps by deleting it, I'm 
not sure yet).

  The difference between this cache and the ivy cache is I'm not copying the 
files out of their locations; where they are presently is just fine because 
the entire repository is on local disk (and managed by p4).  So really this 
comes down to speeding up the filesystem resolver.


Benjamin Damm
Silver Spring Networks
650-298-4200 x201

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