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From Benjamin Damm <>
Subject Bug? Organisation missing from listmodules output
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2008 01:31:08 GMT

  There appears to be a bug in rc2 (and prior; rc1 at least) that causes 
organisation information to be ignored under some circumstances.

<target name="list" depends="ivyinit" description="Show a list of all (binary) 
modules available via ivy.">
  <ivy:listmodules organisation="*" module="*" revision="*" matcher="glob" 
property="ivy.module.[module]-[revision]" value="   module->[module]   
revision->[revision]   org->[organisation]"/>
  <echoproperties regex="ivy.module.*"/>

Results in some sample output:
echoproperties] ivy.module.ssn-jfc-1.3.2=\   module->ssn-jfc   revision->1.3.2   
[echoproperties] ivy.module.ssn-jfc-1.4.3=\   module->ssn-jfc   
revision->1.4.3   org->
[echoproperties] ivy.module.ssn-uiq-3.6.2=\   module->ssn-uiq   
revision->3.6.2   org->
[echoproperties] ivy.module.stax-api-1.0-2=\   module->stax-api   
revision->1.0-2   org->
[echoproperties] ivy.module.stringtemplate-3.1-b1=\   module->stringtemplate   
revision->3.1-b1   org->org.antlr

The organisation is present in modules obtained from a filesystem resolver 
that has [organisation] in its path; but it is missing from modules that are 
resolved from a resolver that does not have [organisation] in its path.


Thank you,

Benjamin Damm
Silver Spring Networks
650-298-4200 x201

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