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From Adam Bryzak <>
Subject Dependency Configuration Negation
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2008 23:47:18 GMT

In the dependency tag documentation <

 > the configurations mapping section says that:
   since 1.4 you can use * wildcard followed by negated configurations  
to mean all but xxx. For instance, '*, !A, !B -> X' means that X  
dependency configuration is required in all master configurations  
except A and B.

I've tried this using IvyDE and it complains:
   ERROR: Problem occured while parsing ivy file: Configuration '! 
localext' does not exist in module module: di#common;working@Storm  
status=integration publication=Thu Oct 23 09:43:37 EST 2008  
configurations={int=int, localext=localext, ext=ext,  
localopt=localopt, opt=opt, localtest=localtest, test=test, lic=lic,  
default=default} artifacts={int=[di#common;working@Storm!common.jar],  
dependencies=[dependency: di#dev;latest.integration {*=[@]}] in file:/ 
Volumes/Event Zero/ez-trunk/common/ivy.xml

The dependency is: <dependency name="dev" rev="latest.integration"  
conf="*,!localext,!localopt,!localtest->@" />

Is this syntax actually supported? Is it a bug in IvyDE? Is my syntax  
for the dependency wrong?

Adam Bryzak
Event Zero

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