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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: Question about IvyDE?
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2008 18:14:59 GMT

Le 13 oct. 08 à 18:53, Phil Beiler a écrit :

> I was hoping for some clarification on how the "Pattern" variable  
> worked
> from within Eclipse.  I'm setting it under Window/Preferences/Ivy  
> inside
> Eclipse (3.4).
> It appears that no matter what value  I give as a directory path, the
> files will get retrieved relative to the workspace project directory.
> If I use ~/.ivy/[artifact].[ext], it will actually create a tilde (~)
> directory under my project root. If I try /tmp/ivy/[artifact].[ext],  
> it
> will remove the leading slash and create the tmp directory under the
> project root.  Try $HOME... that creates a cool directory called
> "$HOME"!
> Using the Ant Task, the paths are not relative to the project (or  
> where
> ant is run)... I can retrieve them anywhere I want to...
> So, is the expected behavior of the plug-in, that everything will be
> relative or inside the project?  It is certainly not obvious when  
> using
> $HOME, ~/, /tmp, etc.  Nlo warnings, no errors....

Yep this is expected. But it can clearly be improved to support  
absolute path, I think this deserve a jira issue.

> Oh, one more oddity.... Once the libraries are resolved...  If you
> expand the Ivy Library icon under your project (inside Eclipse,   
> Package
> Explorer View), all of the libraries are resolved to your "cache"
> directory, not to the project.  The seems strange to me as well, but  
> it
> does work...  Should it now show a path to where the files are
> retrieved, rather than the cache?

That is totally expected, because people can use IvyDE without having  
to retrieve the libraries.
I know the UI is not very clear about it (will be better when I will  
have time to get IVYDE-119 implemented), but the classpath container  
configuration and the retrieve job are independent. The IvyDE  
classpath container can be compared to the ivycachepath ant task,  
whereas the retrieve job is like the ivyretrieve ant task.


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