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From Adrian Woodhead <>
Subject Re: newbie: Instructions on hosting enterprise repository
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2008 09:12:37 GMT

> First of all: Well done to everyone working on Ivy and Ivy SVN. This 
> is a great system!
> Alas I have stumbled at the final hurdle!
> Adrian could you comment on the following please?:
> What are you doing at the moment to avoid this issue at
> Are you using https:// or svn+ssh to access your Ivy repository?

svn+ssh. The issue you are talking about is well known and only occurs 
when IvySvn is used over Webdav.

> I am hoping to get time later to look at the IvySVN source and see if 
> I can make sense of the problem.  Do you know how close the Ivy SVN 
> team is to working on or solving the problem (it appears that the bug 
> manifests itself in a variety of guises across across 3 bug reports).

There has been quite a in-depth look at what causes this and it is due 
to an inconsistency in the way SVNKit (the library used to access 
Subversion) handles paths in their webdav implementation compared to the 
other protocols. Unfortunately there is no quick/easy fix for this. The 
best description is comment number 4 here

If you are interested in trying to help fix this issue mail me directly 
and I can give you some pointers. I myself plan to have a go at this 
when I next have a bit of free time available.

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