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From Garry Smith <>
Subject Re: newbie: Instructions on hosting enterprise repository
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2008 08:40:20 GMT
Hi Adrian,

Adrian Woodhead wrote:
> Hey Garry,
> At we have an Ivy repository in Subversion which contains 
> hundreds of third party libraries that our projects depend on. It was 
> a bit of work setting this up, but this was split among the 
> development team who added libraries as they needed them. This initial 
> overhead was well worth the productivity gains we see now with most 
> libraries already there. What definitely helped was having a 
> well-communicated, logical, standard layout of 
> organisation/module/version that is enforced across all artifacts 
> added to the repository.
> We also have many projects which publish various artifacts (jar, war, 
> tgz etc.) to the same Subversion repository and these then get used by 
> other systems (which retrieve the artifacts either using Ivy or "svn 
> export" commands). This repository has been in heavy use daily for 
> over a year now and has served us extremely well.
> <shameless plug>
> If you are thinking of using Subversion to store your Ivy repository, 
> we use IvySvn:
> (we wrote most of it ;) ) There are some known issues relating to web 
> dav and repository roots with nested folders so give it a go before 
> committing to anything (and please report any issues you experience to 
> the IvySvn project so we can look at them).
> </shameless plug>

First of all: Well done to everyone working on Ivy and Ivy SVN. This is 
a great system!

Alas I have stumbled at the final hurdle!

Adrian could you comment on the following please?:

What are you doing at the moment to avoid this issue at

Are you using https:// or svn+ssh to access your Ivy repository?

I am hoping to get time later to look at the IvySVN source and see if I 
can make sense of the problem.  Do you know how close the Ivy SVN team 
is to working on or solving the problem (it appears that the bug 
manifests itself in a variety of guises across across 3 bug reports).



> Garry Smith wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Apologies for the newbie question.
>> I want to set up an enterprise repository that the developers on my 
>> project can submit to using the publish ivy task, from their 
>> development machines.
>> The 'repository machine' has apache 2 and also Subversion (behind 
>> apache 2)
>> The instructions at 

>> concentrate on creating the repository locally but not about access.
>> Can you point me to further information?
>> The question has popped up a few times in the archive, but I didn't 
>> see a definitive answer.
>> I was thinking to host the ivy repo via SVN. Is this sensible? Any 
>> gotchas?
>> thanks in advance
>> Garry

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