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From Garry Smith <>
Subject Re: newbie: Instructions on hosting enterprise repository
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2008 13:41:34 GMT

Adrian Woodhead wrote:
> Garry Smith wrote:
>> That is good to hear.  We currently have jars in our SVN that are 
>> organised in the same way you mention (by 
>> organisation/module/version). To move to the Ivy way of resolving 
>> dependencies it sounds like we just have to include the appropriate 
>> ivy metatdata for each existing jar.   I will have a play with the 
>> 'creating a repository' tutorial to get an idea of the ivy 
>> configuration files that will be needed in the SVN.
> We found that for most cases we could just put the jar files in with 
> no extra metadata and only in exceptional cases (e.g.jars which depend 
> on other jars, a module consisting of more than one jar, the jar file 
> name different to the module name) did we need to also add ivy.xml files.

OK. I assume that you still generated sha1 and md5 files for each jar?

At the moment I am playing with taking some 3rd party jars and using the 
publish-local ivy ant task (see below) to add a jar to the local Ivy 
repository. I end up with the following in the local repository:

~/.ivy2/local/org.apache $ find .

I am thinking to knock a script up to do this enmasse for our 
dependencies. Is there a common Ivy way to do this already?



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