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From Adrian Woodhead <>
Subject Re: Publish is deleting other revisions
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2008 09:50:49 GMT

> I am no doubt structuring this incorrectly. My thought was that it would
> work like the local ivy repos where versioned artifacts could be just thrown
> into a a bucket, and you could retrieve the correct version using
> latest.xxxx or by specifying a revision. To get around the deletion issue I
> have restructured it to have separate directories for each revision. 
Yes, that will work, and that's the way all the repositories I have seen 
so far have been set up. However, I think your usage of a single 
directory for different publications is a valid use case and IvySvn's 
current behaviour of deleting the folder's contents is not a good one. I 
will try change it so that deleting does not take place by default, but 
can be enabled via a configuration option. I will send you a mail when I 
put out a release with this in it.


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