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From Maarten Coene <>
Subject Re: Install task collapses jar names and causes naming collision
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2008 20:26:12 GMT
I guess the reason is that you don't use the [classifier] token in your artifact patterns of
your resolvers.
This classifier token indicates if the artifact is a javadoc or a sources artifact. If you
don't use it, Ivy will download the sources, javadoc and normal jar to the same file.

You could try to change your artifact pattern to something like this:
e]/[revision]/[artifact](-[classifier]).[ext]" />


----- Original Message ----
From: "Brown, Carlton" <>
Sent: Thursday, October 9, 2008 8:53:03 PM
Subject: Install task collapses jar names and causes naming collision

Recently I used ivy:install to install ivy-2.0.0-rc1 from Maven central
into my private repository, and apparently there was some sort of naming
collision.   Only one jar was downloaded, named ivy.jar but it was the
source jar.  What is the reason for this?

The maven central repo looks like this:
ivy-2.0.0-rc1-javadoc.jar      26-Sep-2008 02:24  1.5M  
ivy-2.0.0-rc1-javadoc.jar.asc  26-Sep-2008 02:24  202  
ivy-2.0.0-rc1-javadoc.jar.md5  26-Sep-2008 02:24   34  
ivy-2.0.0-rc1-javadoc.jar.sha1 26-Sep-2008 02:24   42  
ivy-2.0.0-rc1-sources.jar      26-Sep-2008 02:24  684K  
ivy-2.0.0-rc1-sources.jar.asc  26-Sep-2008 02:24  202  
ivy-2.0.0-rc1-sources.jar.md5  26-Sep-2008 02:24   34  
ivy-2.0.0-rc1-sources.jar.sha1 26-Sep-2008 02:24   42  
ivy-2.0.0-rc1.jar              26-Sep-2008 02:24  866K  
ivy-2.0.0-rc1.jar.asc          26-Sep-2008 02:24  202  
ivy-2.0.0-rc1.jar.md5          26-Sep-2008 02:24   34  
ivy-2.0.0-rc1.jar.sha1         26-Sep-2008 02:24   42  
ivy-2.0.0-rc1.pom              26-Sep-2008 02:24  3.7K  
ivy-2.0.0-rc1.pom.asc          26-Sep-2008 02:24  202  
ivy-2.0.0-rc1.pom.md5          26-Sep-2008 02:24   34  
ivy-2.0.0-rc1.pom.sha1         26-Sep-2008 02:24   42  

But my resulting repo looks like this:
700797 Sep 26 03:24 ivy.jar
32 Oct  9 09:36 ivy.jar.md5
40 Oct  9 09:36 ivy.jar.sha1
3826 Sep 26 03:24 ivy.xml
32 Oct  9 09:36 ivy.xml.md5
40 Oct  9 09:36 ivy.xml.sha1

It turns out that the resulting ivy.jar is actually
ivy-2.0.0-rc1-sources.jar.    Why does it seem like all the different
source jars get collapsed down to a single one?

For reference, my install task looks like this:
<ivy:install from="${install.from.repo}" 

And my source and dest resolvers look like this:
<ibiblio name="m2-live-http" 
    checkmodified="true" >

<filesystem name="dev-thirdparty-staging" 
    m2compatible="true" checkmodified="true" transactional="auto"
e]/[revision]/ivy.xml" />
e]/[revision]/[artifact].[ext]" />


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