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From Niklas Matthies <>
Subject Re: Reinforce dependency control
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2008 14:25:01 GMT
On Wed 2008-10-08 at 15:40h, Gilles Scokart wrote on ivy-user:
> I would like to push my build to an extreme solution.  I want to make
> a build fail if some jars of the compile path are not used.
> Did you know a task that do that?  Or did you know any tools that list
> the jars that are required by a sources (or a compiled jars) that I
> could adapt to make such a tasks?

There's JarJar's "find" functionality, which prints the dependencies
between the jars in a classpath as a list of "A.jar -> B.jar" lines.
It would be possible to implement your check on top of that.

This won't help for runtime dependencies though, due to dynamic class
loading and reflection.

Another thing is API dependencies versus implementation dependencies
(both compile-time). I think it's actually more important to restrict
the published compile-time dependencies of a module (the dependencies
needed for compiling a client against the module) to the actual
dependencies of the module's public API, as opposed to restricting the
module's private build-time compilation dependencies to the minimum.
I'm not aware of any tool that can check the former, though.

-- Niklas Matthies

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