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From "Mark Melvin" <>
Subject Change 'status' of or clone a published artifact?
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 13:47:34 GMT
Hi There,

I am looking at integrating Ivy into our build system.  I was
wondering about how statuses work.  We are considering a build
promotion model where artifacts are tested and then promoted to a
stable status.  Ideally, we could write a script that takes a known
artifact version number and basically toggles its status from
integration to milestone, then to release (or something like that).
Is there any way to do this in Ivy, or am I looking at custom logic
here.  What do other people do?  The key point here is I do not want
to rebuild in order to re-publish with a new status (as we have tested
a particular artifact) - I'd just like to promote an existing artifact
by changing its status.  I guess a copy would also be acceptable, and
perhaps make more sense as you don't break continuity in the
integration stream of artifacts (i.e. changing the status of the
artifact would then make latest.integration point to something else).
So I guess the question now is - is there a way to copy a published
artifact in the repository so that I have two published versions of
the same artifact, but with a different status?  Or perhaps, can you
label an artifact with more than one status (i.e. it is both
integration and release) like the way tagging works in CVS for
instance.  I can see cases where it makes sense to have a version of
an artifact be resolved to the latest.release as well as the
latest.integration.  The only solution I can think of is to maintain
two separate repositories, but that seems like a little too much
overhead - especially if I have a third or fourth status, meaning I
now need three or four repositories...

Thanks in advance for any help,

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