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From "Clements Mark" <cleme...@OFAC.CH>
Subject RE: unofficial builds on hibnet
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2008 15:44:15 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Nicolas Lalevée []
> The digest URL from your first example is incorrect, it should be the
> second
> one. Normally (read from the Eclipse documentation), Eclipse version that
> does not support optimized update site (with a should ignore
> it
> and get the plugins metadata the old way. But it seems that your RAD 7 is
> supporting it but is not able to unzip it. And it works correctly when no
> digest is available, as expected for every Eclipse version.
> I have searched in the google literatue, I found this:
> But I rechecked the binaries, they are all correct...
> So I have no clue what is your issue.
OK - thanks very much for checking. Possibly it's an issue with RAD 7, or possibly with just
me :) I'll have to leave this problem for now.

Daniel: thanks for the suggestion for RAD 7.5, but we already have enough problems on our
hands with RAD 7.0 :)



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