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From "Foreman, Alex \(IT\)" <>
Subject RE: URL=.... Behaviour
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2008 09:47:37 GMT
The Repository is a Read-only file system.  We use this for buildtime and also running production

WE cannot use the cache for production programs (I build and create a runscript which a prod
system uses but is pointing to stuff in my cache.  I delete that cache.)  It must reference
the RO FS.

So It has to be on our RO file system.  Unfortunatly Some projects have been placed in a non-standrad
way.  This is either due to ignorance or limitations of the programs we were installing.

Thus we want to force everything to be origin.

I have a work around for this working currently.

Simply we have a trigger that looks for runtime and then creates an extra path called runtime_script_path
when cachepath=runtime.

I make sure the origin for everything is put in that and that is what gets written to the
runtime_script_path not the 'runtime' created by standard.

Maybe my use case is rare but It would be nice to have that option built into ivy as it would
also speed up our resolutions :)

Many thanks,

Alex Foreman
Morgan Stanley | Technology
20 Cabot Square | Canary Wharf | Floor 06
London, E14 4QW
Phone: +44 20 7677-5732

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Sent: 17 September 2008 10:12
Subject: RE: URL=.... Behaviour

"We have a standard resolver where 90% of our projects exist in the correct place.
10% of projects are in the same filesystem but not standardly placed.
We cannot change the place they exist at.

So anything unstandard is located via a url="file://....." link for the artifact.

We wish to use there origin location rarther than the place in the cache."

Can you explain why you have the requirement of non-standard locations ? At first glance this
could make builds quite fragile - why can't you publish stuff off the file system into a repository
and then use the cached version after you do a resolve ?


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