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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Ivy 2 resolve time over a WAN
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2008 11:36:18 GMT wrote:
> "You can track down Ivy http communications by using commons-httpclient"
> How do I do this ? I'm fine with setting up commons logging, but my little
> test case that does an install doesn't even have commons-httpclient on the
> classpath.

Presumably there is a way to turn on extra logging on in httpclient, by 
using the right commons-logging settings. So when ivy uses httpclient 
for its work, the log shows where it is going. I don't know the specific 
log settings though.

> "There were some issues with ivy not liking networks where the host didnt
> know its own name, that made things crawl, but should be fixed now."
> What would I need to do to allow the host to know its own name ?

that's the thing. Normally a host does that automatically, but for some 
reason my home box is broken. If I knew what I'd done, I'd be able to 
fix it, but instead I get to file bugreps against Ivy, Hadoop, 
SmartFrog, etc. then the patches, as nobody else usually sees it.

If you get a hung system, do a stack trace and see if it is hung in any 
InetAddress.getLocalHost()  or InetAddress.getHostName() call, or any 
other InetAddress operation, as they seem to be signs of DNS problems


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