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From Dave <>
Subject How/Where do I specify the pattern the artifact user should use when publishing?
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2008 19:04:03 GMT
I can't seem to publish artifacts using a pattern to match my needs.I have
the following set up as filesystem resolver artifact patterns in my ivy
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<properties file="./" />
<settings defaultResolver="chain" />
<filesystem name="local" checkmodified="true">
<ivy pattern="${ivy.local.default.root}/${ivy.default.ivy.pattern}" />
<artifact pattern="${ivy.local.default.root}/[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/[artifact](-[revision]).[ext]"
<artifact pattern="${ivy.local.default.root}/[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/[artifact].[ext]"
<filesystem name="shared" checkmodified="true">
<ivy pattern="${ivy.shared.default.root}/${ivy.default.ivy.pattern}" />
<artifact pattern="${ivy.shared.default.root}/[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/[artifact](-[revision]).[ext]"
<artifact pattern="${ivy.shared.default.root}/[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/[artifact].[ext]"
<chain name="chain" returnFirst="true" checkmodified="true">
<resolver ref="local"/>
<resolver ref="shared"/>
This allows to have either something like xalan.jar or xalan-2.7.1.jar
successfully resolved.
However, if I try to publish my own jar, say myown.jar, it ALWAYS publishes
it to /myorg/myjar/myrev/myown-myrev.jar
I want to be able to have it published to /myorg/myjar/myrev/myown.jar but I
can't see an option in the ant <publish> task to specify a publication
target pattern.
I've tried switching the artifact patterns around in case Ivy always uses
the the first artifact pattern it finds for the resolver in the settings,
but this hasn't fixed the problem.
Can someone tell me how to specify the pattern the publisher uses to place
the artifact in the repository?

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