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From Benjamin Damm <>
Subject Re: Depending on bouncycastle
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2008 22:20:52 GMT
Your suggestion got me started, but I veered off into linking the ant properties to the file
names.  That got me thinking; why do I even need the 
classifier?  Can't this just be done with properties alone?  So here's what I ended up with:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ivy-module version="2.0">
    <info organisation="bouncycastle" module="bouncycastle" revision="140" />
        <artifact name="bcprov-${base.jdk.version}" type="jar" ext="jar" conf="default"/>

        <filesystem name="ivycontrib">
            <artifact pattern="${ivycontrib.dir}/[module]/[revision]/[artifact]-[revision].[ext]"
            <artifact pattern="${ivycontrib.dir}/[module]/[revision]/[artifact]-${base.jdk.version}-[revision].[ext]"
            <ivy pattern="${ivycontrib.dir}/[module]/[revision]/ivy.xml" />

Which actually sort of works... except that both jars end up in the classpath.  This is strange.
 So my classpath ends up looking like:

Creating a different module doesn't quite solve the problem, because somehow I have to still
select the right one.  Unless, I suppose, I could put a 
variable such as ${ivy.jdk.version} into my project's ivy.xml.


On Tuesday 23 September 2008 02:15:50 pm Jim White wrote:
> I think it is best to think of those as two different modules (because,
> after all, they are).
> Maven added the "classifier" field to deal with that (the issue being
> that folks don't want to use different module names for JDK version
> dependency) and Ivy supports that now too.
> You can define an Ant property in your build to supply the right "jdk15"
> or "jdk16" value for the classifier.
> Jim
> Benjamin Damm wrote:
> > Hi ivy users,
> >
> >   I've started to integrate ivy with our build process, and it is
> > fantastic. There's something I'm having trouble with, though, and that's
> > understanding how to depend on bouncycastle.  It comes in at least two
> > flavors; one for jdk15 and one for jdk16.  We have developers on both and
> > previously had our build scripts pick the right one depending on what
> > version of java ant was run under.
> >
> > How to do this with ivy?  Ivy doesn't appear to have any conditional
> > dependency abilities, so I can't choose one artifact or another based on
> > what version of java I'm running.  I suppose I could generate an
> > ivy.xml "just-in-time" but I'd prefer not to.  Anyone surpassed this
> > little hurdle?
> >
> > Thank you,
> > -Ben

Benjamin Damm
Silver Spring Networks
650-298-4200 x201

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