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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: IvyDE fails to resolve to project if jar does not exists
Date Mon, 01 Sep 2008 12:15:30 GMT
Le dimanche 31 août 2008, Barry Kaplan a écrit :
> Well, I guess not jar specifically, but if the resolve otherwise fails.
> This means that in order for a valid eclipse project classpath be
> configured the module must compile and its artifact must have been
> installed to a repository in the chain.
> This seems like a severe restriction for building up an IDE classpath. I
> would think that if the dependency can be associated to a project then it
> should be resolved to the project and the classpath container updated
> appropriately -- independent of what is happening in the "outside" world.
> No?

In fact the dependency on project feature is very limited by now. I didn't 
take time yet on writing some doc about it. In fact I think I shouldn't have 
close IVYDE-89 as there is no doc. So then it will somehow force us to write 

So the feature is quite limited. It just tries to replace every existing jar 
dependency by a project dependency. And a jar and a project match if they 
have the same organization and the same module id, no matter what the version 
I know this doesn't fit every use case (it doesn't fit mine, it should at 
least only match on a 'latest.development'), but it is a first setp towards a 
full and smart support of project dependencies.


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