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From Patrick Aikens <>
Subject IvyDE and properties in ivy.xml files
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2008 17:26:18 GMT
I've asked this before and received no answers, so I want to try one more time
before giving in to maintaining a patch on top of ivy or ivyde...

We use ant properties in our ivy.xml files to point to an external file that
defines the configurations used in our modules and specify versions of
dependencies.  IvyDE doesn't know how to deal with these properties - is there
any way to make this work in Eclipse, or would we have to make IvyDE or ivy
itself evaluate the properties in Eclipse?  I can't imagine that we're the only
ones using properties for dependency versions since it wouldn't be trivial to
make sure that all ivy.xml files across a large set of projects keep the version
of, say, log4j they use in sync.

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