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From Thomas Rodgers <>
Subject Re: offline builds
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2008 12:59:23 GMT
It's not exactly pretty but I do this by having filesystem resolvers  
for everything I use in an ivy settings file I use offline.  I keep an  
rsynced copy of my upstream dependecies locally on the laptop.

Thomas Rodgers

On Aug 18, 2008, at 7:53 AM, wrote:

> Has anyone tried doing a completely offline (e.g., on a laptop that's
> not got any network connection) build with Ivy with out using  
> different
> targets that avoid actually calling Ivy?
> I figure with the dynamic version resolution caching in beta2, this
> should be possible, but it seems like it's not caching the version
> resolutions.
>  <caches default="resolved-version-cache">
>     <cache name="resolved-version-cache">
>      <ttl duration="14d" />
>     </cache>
>  </caches>
> This is what I have for my cache, which I would think would mean that
> I'd be able to do offline builds, as long there was a previous build
> that was successful.   But Ivy still tries to talk to the repos for
> dynamic version resolution.
> I'm seeing this in my debug log:
> [ivy:resolve] artifactory: Checking cache for: dependency:
> commons-collections#commons-collections;[2.1,) {compile=[compile(*),
> master(*)], runtime=[runtime(*)]}
> [ivy:resolve] no cached resolved revision for
> commons-collections#commons-collections;[2.1,)
> I'm wondering if this is a problem because I'm using Windows and the
> "[2.1,)" is causing problems.  Glancing through the caching code, it
> looks to me like it's looking for a properties file with "[2.1,)" in  
> its
> name (I can't find any code that's escaping the comma).

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